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Serving individuals and families throughout the state for nearly two decades
If you have been the victim of a personal injury or a violent crime, you don’t have to let this traumatic experience ruin your life. My name is Jason Turchin, and I have been helping individuals and families who have been victimized by accidents, wrongful death and crime get the justice they deserve. I have handled more than 6,500 accident and injury claims throughout Florida. These events can have a drastic impact on both your personal and professional life, but with the help of my law firm and passion for my clients, you may be able to receive the effective representation that your case needs to succeed.

A strong advocate in your corner
I know the heartache and pain that these violent crimes and injuries cause, and that is why I try to give my clients the best attorney service around, which includes:

  • My deep knowledge of the law — I have been an attorney for nearly two decades, and in that time I have handled more than 6,500 accident, injury, crime victims’ rights and wrongful death cases. This has given me the tools that are necessary to handle your case effectively.
  • Our reputation speaks for itself — I take great pride in my work for clients, and I will fight to try and get the compensation you deserve. Past results do not guarantee future success or results. We treat each case as its own and want to get the most money we can for you on your case.

Areas of practice
I can provide representation for victims throughout the state of Florida in the following areas of the law:

  • Personal injury — When you are the victim of a Florida personal injury because of someone else’s negligence, you need an experienced attorney to get you compensation for your losses. I can fight for the rights of victims of injuries, including a car accident, slip and fall, theme park accident, and negligence claim.
  • Crime victim’s rights — In the unfortunate event that you or a loved one is the victim of a violent crime, it’s important to know your rights. In nearly two decades of helping victims of crime, we can pursue civil claims of crime victim’s rights, We can help families whose loved one was shot and killed in an apartment complex, store, parking lot or other business. We also represent victims of sexual assault and molestation.
  • Life Insurance claim help – Our life insurance attorneys have handled hundreds of life insurance claims and can help fight for your rights if your case was denied for material misrepresentation, non-payment of premiums, improper change in beneficiary, or if you need assistance filing the life insurance claim properly.
  • Product liability – Our product liability lawyers work with four main categories of product liability claims if you are injured by a defective or faulty product. These include automotive product liability for issues where someone is killed or injured because of a car malfunction or tire defect; consumer product liability where someone is hurt or killed by a product purchased for use by the customer like a child toy, pressure cooker, or a tool; Pharmaceutical litigation where a drug company puts a bad or dangerous drug into the market which causes injuries which they didn’t warn about; and Medical device failure litigation where someone is hurt or killed because of a faulty or defective medical device, like a hip replacement which can fracture or a burn by a scope during surgery.
  • Wrongful death – As a Miami wrongful death lawyer, Jason Turchin has handled numerous cases of accidental death throughout all of Florida. This includes a fatal car accident, accidental drowning, civil claim for a homicide, drunk driving crash victim, catastrophic product liability claims, and medical malpractice.

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